Ok…….So what you can expect.

I’ll be sharing 5 types of posts.

1.) Fish

There’s nothing more obvious about the Pacific than fish. Occasionally, I may have to post a shellfish, but I’ll be labeling it fish regardless. I’m going to try to provide recipes for  Pacific regional fish, but sometimes I may have to be creative. What you will be getting are relevant and simple recipes from my 5 Pacific regions: Polynesia, China, Mexico, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

2.) Exotic Fruits & Vegetables

Have you ever gone to a Farmer’s Market and been completely captivated with an exotic vegetable that you’ve never seen before? But felt too intimated to ask what it is? Well, I have. I want to make these options more accessible. You should be able to go to Chinatown, see a vendor on the street selling some incredible seasonal lychees, and not only feel confident buying them, but know what you can do with them.

3.) Rice & Noodles

Sorry, you’re going to have to embrace carbs for most of these recipes. Some of the thinnest people I know eat white rice every day so it may end up being a positive thing. Rice is an essential and extremely affordable ingredient and I hope to share many, many ways of interpreting it. You may have to purchase a few different types for your pantry, but they will be used. Noodles (more varied than rice) are fundamental to your pantry as well. Similar to the Fish posts, I may have to be creative here as there are some noodles, Soba for instance, that are not rice based but are too necessary to omit.

4.) Tea, Herbs and Spices

These are grouped together because of their characteristics. I’m a serious tea drinker for pleasure, not necessarily health benefits. I view tea in it’s freshest state. Herbs can be used for tea at times, spices as well. Tea can also be used as spices, to smoke fish for example. I’ll be sharing some very exciting varieties of tea, herbs and spices and figuring out with you what is worth purchasing, growing, drying and storing.

5.) Knife Skills

I’m calling this Knife Skills for now because I need to classify meat without making it sound so carnal. Meat is still important, as there are so many Pacific region recipes that require it, but it’s more about the process which is why I’m calling it Knife Skills. All types of meat, including tofu, poultry, pork, and beef will be featured.











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