I have loved sticky rice baskets since I was a teenager. Have even considered carrying one as a purse.

One of my closest childhood friends, Sandy is Laotian. Since we were teenagers, her and her family have taught me so much about the food and culture of Laos. Sandy and her sisters were there last year and she brought me back a small sticky rice basket. I made it a point to get the equipment I needed to start making sticky rice at home.

Justin and I had the sticky rice with a really nice Thai beef salad (which I will share at a later date). For now, I’m fully committed to saying that everyone should have a colorful sticky rice basket at home.

Equipment wise, you will need the sticky rice set up. It’s basically a metal pot for boiling water and a cone like basket for steaming the rice. You will also need to buy a bag of the right rice. The kind I used is the Three Ladies Brand- Extra Super Quality Sanpatong Sweet Rice.

Scoop as much rice as you like into a large bowl. For me, 3 cups seemed good as I was planning on storing extra. You’ll want to wash the rice a few times. Next, fill the bowl with lukewarm letter and let it chill overnight.

Once the rice has steeped for 8 hours, place it in the cooking basket. Fill the pot 2 inches high with water. Turn on the flame and let the water boil on high. Place a well sized lid in the basket to keep the steam over the rice. Give it 20 minutes. After 20 minutes flip the rice upside down. It should have taken the shape of the cone. Give the rice 5 more minutes. Turn off the heat and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Take a rice spoon and break up the rice before placing it in your favorite sticky rice baskets.

The rice should last for 3 days and you can always resteam it for a fresher taste.








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