I would help my mom make pico de gallo when I was a kid. It seemed like a big undertaking at the time, but now it’s not too bad. I would highly recommend, however, making this with friends or family. It’s very easy, but requires a lot of chopping. So much more worth it than the $5 fresh container of salsa at the grocery.

You will need the following ingredients. It really is up to your discretion how you’d like to create balance. Some people love onions and garlic, others detest them.

Tomatoes. I used Roma for mine, 7 chopped.

Tomatillo. 5

White Onion. 1

Garlic. 5 cloves.

Cilantro. 3 tablespoons.

Jalapeños. 2, but 3 may be better.

Lime. Juice of 2.



Once all of the ingredients are chopped and in a large bowl. Stir to combine.

I think the most exciting part is figuring out what you will use the pico de gallo for. Chips, obviously. But, maybe cook some fish, or a nice omelette, or carne asada tacos.







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