Agua Fresca. When you have ripe fruit and you want to make something easy and satisfying. I’ve seen all kinds of aqua fresca flavors, and I love how almost any exotic fruit can become an agua fresca–tamarind, watermelon, mango. Really, almost anything goes, as well as combinations. Yesterday, I made a simple agua fresca from a ripe pineapple. A cucumber can easily be added, but I wanted to keep it simple.

You will need tools: a jar, a food processor, a sieve.

Cut the pineapple into chunks and add them to the blender or food processor. Add sugar to your liking (up to one cup), and 4 glasses of water. Take the blended mix and pour it into the sieve over your jar. Use a wooden spoon to push the liquid through, adding up to 4 more glasses of water to help in this process. And there it is.

The best part of making an agua fresca is the presentation. Beautiful modern glasses, interesting garnishes, it all adds to the experience.


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