Native Pacific Cookery is a style and recipe resource for home cooks. This approach to cooking uses local and seasonal ingredients, but shifts the focus to the Pacific regions-Mexico, Polynesia, Southeast Asia, China and Japan. The result is a deeper and more satisfying connection with the meals we make.

Native is the aesthetic. Be prepared to see a lot of arts and crafts (wood carvings, basketry, stone vessels).

Pacific because I write from San Diego, California my birthplace. I returned in 2014 and have since been inspired by the food culture here (it borders Mexico and has every Asian grocery store you can ask for). I myself could be considered a Pacific Islander. My Mom is a Filipino (technically Southeast Asian) and my Dad is a Kiwi from New Zealand (technically white, but idealized Polynesia).

Lastly, how chic/cool does cookery sound? It’s a British word and hardly used in the U.S. , but means the practice and skill of preparing and cooking food.